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Over the past 23 years, Mary Lynn has been guiding her clients as an intuitive along the paths they have chosen, advising them of what is ahead. As a Certified Power Coach, she also has the ability and opportunity to help her clients walk down the path to reach the end goal. With a regular client base extending beyond the borders of Canada into the United States, Europe, Africa and Australia, Mary Lynn's business continues to grow.

Mary Lynn's intricate background has revolved around the music industry, the paranormal, and print media. Aside from being the subject of articles and interviews, she has also been the host of her own radio and television shows, as well as a regular columnist in various media. Mary Lynn has self published five books and continues to write more. Mary Lynn also facilitates workshops on various subjects ~ mostly to do with the Law of Attraction and Psychic Awareness.

In the music industry, Lynn was a regular face at the Country Music Association in Nashville, working alongside industry insiders behind the scenes of many awards and fan-based functions, as a trustworthy volunteer and as a psychic consultant. She later became involved with the Canadian Country Music Association and several record labels, most prominently, Sony Music Nashville.

As a result of years of work with artists and media personnel Mary Lynn has accumulated a rather impressive list of names.

One of these friends, Janet Williams, just happened to be a talent wrangler for TNN and got her a spot on Crook and Chase, an interview show seen nation-wide. Mary Lynn was interviewed as a personality profiler who reads shoes to assess a person's traits. Again, her own personality shone as she was able to get the hostess to actually do the readings herself.

"Mary Lynn has a genuine thirst for knowledge and, as she has the gift of precognition, is the consummate interviewer. She knows exactly what question to ask next. The guests on her cable program enjoyed deep and comfortable discussions rather than journalistic interviews. This put them at ease and allowed a free, deep, meaningful conversation on the subject which aroused their passion.

Years of dealing with people in difficult situations has given Mary Lynn a soft touch. It requires a delicate hand to reach out and touch someone who has come in hope, in despair, in search of answers they can get from no other source. In her work you can see the results. Each time a client departs there is a lightness about them and relief in their eyes. Each person is genuinely moved after a visit with Mary Lynn and it does come across on screen. She has the skill to make people feel better about themselves and their world."
~ Steve Pritchard

As a psychic I see possibilities and probabilities. As an individual you have the power of choice and decision. A reading should be used as a guideline not a lifeline.

~ Mary Lynn

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